Thinking of all of you!

by Diana Marie Winkler on September 5, 2017

Hello, everyone! I hope your summer went well. I was a little busy with promoting my book. It has certainly been a life lesson on how to get the info out there! Most of you know I can be pretty outgoing, but must admit I do have a shy side to me……don’t laugh! This side of me came out when I have had to promote the book. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Thankfully, the Lord and friends have been helping me to get a little better at it. Don’t get me wrong, when asked about the book I can talk your ear off, but the promotional part is still a little unnerving. I did have a magnet made for my car so that does start some conversations.

I want to share with you a conversation I had with a young lady that received my book as a gift. I see her at the credit union. One day when I walked in she exclaimed, “I want to hug you!” I said, “ok, but why?” She went on to say that she had started reading my book and since there are Bible references she went and found her Bible, that was given to her years ago, and started looking up the verses! She received the journal as well and has started writing down the Bible verses. As you can imagine, that makes my heart swell with love. When I write about the Lord and how He has helped me I can only hope that it will touch someone’s life for the good.

Since the publication I have received positive feedback. So, I want to ask you that if you have read I AM A WOMAN OF VALUE-I AM A WOMAN OF WORTH-I AM HIS! could you write a review on Amazon? This is where the shy part comes out in asking for a review! Evidently, Amazon likes to get those. I have found keeping books in my car has been beneficial. When I go to my brother’s restaurant, Talita’s, he tells them about the book and I usually sell a few!

I am presently working on a book about my experience with Stage 1 breast cancer. It will be written very simply and not from a medical point of view. It is the seven steps I came up with to stay positive during that season of my life. While working on this book I realized the steps can also be used not just for going through cancer, but setbacks in life. So, please keep me in prayer for this project.

I am sincere when I say I think of all of you and wrap you in my prayers. I feel so blessed that the Lord felt I should have all of you in my life in some way.

Love, prayers and God’s blessings…….Diana Marie



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