by Diana Marie Winkler on November 8, 2015

                            “MOST MEN LEAD LIVES OF QUIET DESPERATION 

                              AND GO TO THE GRAVE  WITH THE SONG STILL  IN THEM”

                                                                                                       HENRY DAVID THOREAU

I have this quote written on a card taped to where I can see it every day. I also added, “Sing your song, Diana Marie!” Writing at a later stage of my life is my song. I say, “ I’m a late bloomer, but, I’m a blooming! ” (my quote!)

Many of you know my story, how I would say to the Lord, “One of these days, Lord, I’m going to write for you.” Like many, I allowed “life” to get in the way, more than I needed to. I allowed it to sometimes pull me off track and even stay in one place. From such I learned many life lessons. One lesson I learned is that there will be times I will just be standing still. I venture out of my “cave” every now and again, but I learned that just standing still is not always a negative. I now welcome those times. Just as the seasons change and the earth is preparing for its next season (sometimes with the help of the worms!) the Lord is doing the same, preparing the “ground” for my next season. (Please, Lord, no worms!!)

The Lord picked a season for me to bloom, (His timing) to put into action my blathering about the writing. I guess He was tired of the “lip service.” He allowed a fork in the road in my life that caused me to have to choose which road I would walk. To continue on the way I was going with no end in sight or to walk the path that was blooming with life! You are reading this so you know which I chose!

In order for us to reach our potential, to use our gifts, the Lord may make you uncomfortable where you are, to give you that much needed push to help you get that song out of you!

“The favors of the Lord I will sing forever; through all generations

my mouth will proclaim your faithfulness.”…..Psalm 89:2









Diana Marie Winkler – The shepherd’s daughter®

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