by Diana Marie Winkler on April 24, 2016

                                          “A REAL FRIEND IS ONE WHO WALKS IN
                                           WHEN THE REST OF THE WORLD WALKS OUT.”
                                                                                      WALTER WINCHELL

Through the years I have had trials in my life where I have seen true
friendship kick in by the boatload! Family and friends surrounded me
me when I really needed a listening ear, an encouraging word, the shoulder to cry on and lots of hugs! I know it always has been orchestrated by the Lord. He always knows what and whom we need during the different seasons of our lives.
I have learned to not judge someone if they are not comfortable with other’s
trials. I know we do not always know what may be going on in their lives and
just do not have it in them to give what they don’t have within. But, if we value
their friendship we must continue to be a friend to them.
God has bombarded me with God-incidences, those “chance” encounters
from total strangers to give me an encouraging word. I’ve gotten phone calls
from a friend from out of state saying, “Are you okay, I’ve been having a
feeling to call you.”
So, let the Lord choose your friends and you won’t be disappointed. He
knows each of their gifts and will use them where and when needed.
                                                “Some friends bring ruin on us, 
                                                  but a true friend is more loyal than
                                                  a brother.” Proverb 18:24
As for us, do your best to be a friend who not only walks in, but stays
for when “duty calls”.

Diana Marie Winkler – The shepherd’s daughter®

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