Quotes to Ponder

by Diana Marie Winkler on April 10, 2016

                           DO, AFTER THE FEELING YOU SAID IT IN HAS PASSED.”
                           ST. CAMILLUS DE LELLIS

I certainly can relate to this, can you? I can get caught up, at times, of wanting to jump right in to volunteer for this or that. I am always willing to help out. When I see something that piques my interest I am ready to sign my name! I have since come to terms that it is only God who can add an extra hour or two to the already 24 hour day and thus far He has not found a need to do so!

Countless times I have heard myself say, “Why, oh why, did I say I would be oh, so happy to bake cupcakes or a cake for the church festival?” only to end up at the grocery store the day before the food is to be dropped off, put them on a platter, make the icing a little askew, hoping to make them look homemade! Oh, please, don’t make me feel I am the only one who has done this! Just for the record, I no longer do this…..I will let Costco or GFS do the baking.

Even if I want to do something, when asked, but know I can’t, I have learned to say, “Thank you for asking, but that is not something I can do at this time.” Just because you have many interest does not mean you have to do them all with the end result of disappointing yourself or others. I still struggle with this off and on.

If you are going to commit to something, give it your best to carry through with it.
If something unexpected comes up where you feel you cannot keep the commitment let others know to give them time to readjust if needed.

            “When a man walks in integrity and justice, happy are his children after him.”
             Proverb 20:7

             “Integrity is keeping a commitment even after circumstances have changed.”
             Dr. David Jeremiah

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