Christmas Blessings!

by Diana Marie Winkler on December 18, 2016

Christmas Blessings

Merry Christmas…Feliz Navidad…Joyeux Noel…

Kala Christouyenna…Nollaig Shona Dhuit…

Chag Molad Sameach…Buon Natale


Wishing all of you a very blessed Christmas!

I hope you have been able to slow down a little for some quiet time to think of the blessings of which you have had this year. I imagine there may have been times you may have thought you could have done with a little more blessings and less chaos and confusion! Take it from me, if given some time and leaving everything in God’s hands things do work out for the best. Sometimes it will work out better than you could have imagined!


“No test has been sent you that does not come to all men.

Besides, God keeps his promise.

He will not let you be tested beyond your strength.

Along with the test he will give you a way out of it

so that you may be able to endure it.”

1Corinthians 10:13


As the year comes to a close I look back and reflect if there were ways I could have changed some things. Let me share with you my list:

  1. Was there someone I could have treated kinder, spoken softer to or gave them my shoulder to cry on?
  2. Could I have spent my money more wisely? Have I been a good steward of His money.
  3. Was there someone of which I should have spent more time?
  4. Did I gossip? (Ouch!)
  5. Did I give credit where credit was due?
  6. Was I a good witness for the Lord? Did my walk match my talk?
  7. Have I forgiven those who have hurt me?
  8. Did I keep my promises?
  9. Did I devote time with the Lord as I did other activities?
  10. Did I thank Him every day for the life He has given to me?
  11. Did I stay true to my beliefs?


Am I going to beat myself up if I fell short on some of these?

No! I am going to do my best to correct them and to be more mindful of my choices.

The Lord doesn’t want us to stay down and out.

He wants us to keep moving forward.

He wants us to be His light for the hurting of the world.

Each and every one of you have it in you to be a Torch-bearer

lighting the way for others.

As the days have gotten colder and darker…..remember His warmth, His Sonshine!

As the world is shouting to step off His path…..remember to hold tight His hand.

As presents are exchanged…remember the wonderful Gift God gave to us

as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.


Yes, remember you are never alone. He has been and will always be with you.

I am thankful for all of you. You have inspired me and have encouraged me.

You have been my friends. I am truly blessed.

May the New Year bring you Spiritual prosperity. May you always feel God’s Love.

May you always remember you are a child of God….and that makes you pretty darn special!


God’s many blessings to you and yours.

Peace, Hope and God’s Unending Love,

Diana Marie….The Shepherd’s Daughter®

Keep Christ in Christmas!

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