Glad you stopped in for a visit! Here you’ll find inspirational quotes, thoughts and a little bit of what’s going on in my life.

I say, “I’m not a licensed therapist or a degreed theologian, it’s life lessons I’ve  learned (and still learning) while sitting at the Lord’s feet. It’s what I call, “Jesus Sense”.

I write like I talk, nothing too complicated or deep! Everyone has their gift or mission, mine is to share the Word of God in pretty simple terms.

Thank you for signing on. May the Lord bless you and keep you in His care.


Blessings and Prayers,

Diana Marie

The Shepherd’s Daughter ®

Sharing the Word in simple terms…



I AM A WOMAN OF VALUE-I AM A WOMAN OF WORTH-I AM HIS! Is a book of inspirational reflections by author, Diana Marie Winkler. She candidly shares life lessons learned while sitting at the Lord’s feet.

Through the Lord’s guidance she was able to be set free from her past unwise choices, to let go of negative thinking and replaced it with positive thinking. Diana Marie gave up her scrappy ways and courageously tore down the barriers that were making her feel “less than” and walked into the life the Lord had waiting for her.

A life of great joy, laughter and total trust in Him. Most importantly, as she developed a special relationship with the Lord she started to feel her value and worth as a daughter of The King! What He has done for her He will do for you!

Available on Amazon.com



This book can also be used as a Bible study

to encourage one another.

Available also, a PDF of Suggested Questions for Bible study. Contact Diana Marie for more information.

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